Ambassador Program

Become an Ambassador


Becoming an ambassador for our sunflower event is an incredible opportunity to share your love for sunflowers, the Sunflower festival and small businesses! Ambassadors not only get to be part of an amazing event celebrating the beauty of sunflowers but also receive exclusive perks. 



Ambassadors have the chance to earn cash rewards simply by spreading the word about the event. Each ticket sold equals $$ back in your pocket! By sharing their unique referral link with friends, family, and followers, ambassadors not only help promote the event but also provide a benefit to those who use the link by granting them a 10% discount on tickets. This not only encourages engagement and excitement around the event but also rewards ambassadors for their enthusiasm and effort in promoting it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!



To become an ambassador, you must purchase tickets to the event first. Then, follow the link in your confirmation email to get your unique ambassador code! Start sharing with you community and receive your payout once after the event registration closes! 


Happy Sharing!


Ambassador Perks & Incentives:

In addition to cash earned for each ticket sold using your link, ambassadors also may earn additional perks for achieving certain levels: 

20 tickets sold – Clarksville Sunflower Market T-Shirt

50 tickets sold – Clarksville Sunflower Market Bucket of Flowers with 8 extra blooms 

100 tickets sold – Free Upgrade to Full Season Pass